How I Got Started in Boudoir

I've had a few people ask me lately how I got started in boudoir specifically since it's such a specific and unique thing. The short version can be found on my about me page, but here's the full version:

It was YEARS ago, I was a struggling photographer that was saying yes to shooting anything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Kids, pets, weddings, large families, events, you name it, I shot it. And I hated it, but I wanted to grow and I thought that was the only way - and I ended up stumbling right into my calling because of it. So one of my long time friends was getting married and wanted a grooms gift for her husband to be but didn't want a stranger seeing her like that so she asked me to do it. Since I was still at the point of saying yes to every photography opportunity that came my way I jumped right on it! While we didn't even know the word "boudoir" at that point, we were excited to try it and see what happened. We met in a spare room at my parents house. It had this sponge painted green wall with a wallpaper border around the middle, ick. When we got there, we were both nervous but after 30 minutes, she had opened up, had confidence flowing out of her and was loving the experience. Before we left that room, I had decided that I wanted to make people feel like that every day for the rest of my life. I wanted to be the one to show them that they're gorgeous, the beauty that everyone else sees in them. And that was it! Just like that began my boudoir journey. I still shoot in that same room, even though it has been completely remodeled since then (thank God no more green). I've also added new rooms to the set, and I've grown as a photographer in general in the years since then but I love that I get to continue to make magic with my clients every week. Thank you all for trusting me with such an intimate experience!

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