Final 30 Before 30

That's right! My birthday is TOMORROW! Boy has it flown by. I didn't know doing 30 things would be so difficult! It got to the point where I couldn't put certain things on my list because I didn't have enough time to do them all! I still haven't lost those 10 pounds, but I'm not super worried about it, 29/30 is still super great! It has been a crazy great year for both myself and my business and I can't wait to see what 30 brings! Thank you all for sharing it with me!

  1. Read 15 books
  2. Purge my house and have a giant yardsale
  3. Attend the Color Run and attempt to run (at least a little)
  4. Finish stripping wallpaper in preparation of repainting our guest room
  5. Organize my office to make it a place that I actually WANT to work
  6. Finish watching every episode (on Netflix) of Shameless, Criminal Minds and OITNB
  7. Lose 10 pounds
  8. Throw out at least 30 clothing items I haven't worn in a year
  9. Keep my orchid alive
  10. Celebrate my new age with a boudoir shoot of my own
  11. Attend a concert that I've always wanted to
  12. Treat myself to something unnecessary, but wonderful
  13. Clean out my inbox so that I have 0 messages in it
  14. Invest more in my friendships
  15. Hand out more business cards
  16. Break open the Maker's Mark
  17. Offer more unique products
  18. Finally get a dainty photography piece of jewelry
  19. Finish re-doing my back deck
  20. Turn my basement into a craft studio
  21. Celebrate July 4th with my family
  22. Buy and paint a vanity for the studio
  23. Hang old family pictures in my home
  24. Spend a Saturday yardsaleing/antiquing
  25. Send more handwritten notes
  26. Pay it forward
  27. Help get a gardening table set up
  28. Spend an entire week without eating out or buying lingerie (two of my money weaknesses)
  29. Update my website with newest sessions
  30. Enjoy my last few days of 29 with friends and family