Daily Choice Recap

With fall quickly approaching, it is time to reflect on the year so far and plan for 2019 (scary, I know!) As much as I'm not looking forward to winter, I do love this time of the year for my business. I'm such a planner and the process of analyzing how my business is doing, what's working and what isn't is such a therapeutic process for me. I love to plan out new things for future years and try to be the best that I can for my clients.

This is also my time of year to give thanks, for my clients, for the groups that encourage me so much, for my mentors and friends who stick by me and help me to grow out of my comfort zone. Today I'm especially thankful looking back at all of my Daily Choice Awards from AIBP (a boudoir association full of some of the most AMAZING boudoir photographers around the country). It's amazing to think that some of my images are listed among the talent that is found in this group. Below is a trip through the year of awards.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey, my passion, and my life.

Daily Choice2.jpg
Daily Choice 3.jpg
Daily Choice4.jpg
Daily Choice 5.jpg
Daily Choice 6.jpg
Daily Choice 9.jpg
Daily Choice 10.jpg

Play Time {A Boudoir Story}

What happens when a photographer gets one day access to the most phenomenal building in town? BOUDOIR ALL DAY! We gathered up a few models, hair and makeup artists and photographers, brought beds, outfits, a beautiful cake and flowers to the venue and made a day of it. It could honestly not have gone any better. It was an absolute dream and I'm dying to go back already. Check it out below!

Makeup: Jessica Hall
Hair: Lyndsey Lenee
Cake: For the Love of Sweets


C is for Cookie

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me!

For The Love Of Sweets Cookies.jpg

One of the main things you'll learn about me, is that I'm SUPER nostalgic. I blast 90's music during my sessions, wear super hero t-shirts, still binge watch Boy Meets World and totally have a crush on every single Hanson brother. So, when my best friend asked if we could do a completely for fun boudoir shoot, who else would we decide on but COOKIE MONSTER! He was my favorite Sesame Street character growing up (yes, while everyone else had tickle me Elmo's I had a tickle me Cookie Monster). No joke! He's real, and I still have him. We have been keeping this a secret for what feels like forever but now we can finally share it with you! We literally giggled the entire time but thank goodness for that giant mascot head she had on for making it not matter. Plus we got a giant order of my favorite cookies ever from For The Love Of Sweets. Seriously, if you haven't had them, go buy some right now, you'll thank me later. We hope that you enjoy viewing these as much as we loved taking them. If you have a super fun idea for a session, send me a message and we can make it happen!

Cookie Monster Boudoir 2.jpg
Cookie Monster Boudoir 3.jpg
Cookie Monster Boudoir 4.jpg