Miss A. {A Boudoir Story}

A short and sweet anonymous blog is up for you today! There’s nothing more heartwarming than people trusting me from a google search! No connection, no friend recommendations, just purely about my work. <3


This was a spontaneous decision for me. I decided it was something I wanted to do, did a google search, found Katie, and booked within a couple of days.


I had a moment of uncertainty, like 'do I really want to pay money to just have pictures of me?' But, I have to say, that I am so happy that I did.


Day to day, I am very low key.. very minimal makeup, nikes, and jeans, that’s me. Looking at my photos, it almost feels like looking at a different person. I was so happy with the end results and know that I will keep these pictures forever!! I recommend this experience for everyone.

Heather {A Boudoir Story}

I don't even know what I would do without my amazing clients. It's so fun to see them come out of their shell during our time together. I can't explain the feeling that I get every time I receive a sweet message saying that I helped someone with their body image, helped create a great gift, or just uplifted someones mood even if only for an hour.


"In today's society us ladies feel like we have to have a perfect body, even after having a child. It doesn't always "go back" not everyone is lucky to have everything go back to how it was, I know I wasn't one of those lucky ones, but I was lucky to have a healthy, handsome boy. And that's all that matters.

I've always had a little "pouch" even when I was at my lowest weight (in high school). I have always hated my body, there was something I always wanted to change... But after having this photoshoot with Katie has changed the way I think about myself. I look in the mirror and see a beautiful girl that needs to stop putting her self down all the time. I am still sexy even if a little extra weight still hasn't gone away.

When Katie sent me a couple photos the night after my photoshoot... Oh goodness, I couldn't stop smiling or looking at them. I so wanted to show my husband but it was for a gift, so I sent them to my mom and my cousin.

My favorite part was dressing up of course, putting on glittery sexy high heels and looking in the mirror, especially after putting on the body suit that look intimidating (I was doubting myself the whole time)... I put it on and I looked HOT!!

Ladies, if you have been wanting to do a boudoir photoshoot but want to get those "extra 5 pounds off" don't wait, just do it now!!! You will be amazed how beautiful you are.

The photos and the experience were absolutely amazing, every lady needs a book of herself in lingerie. Even if it's just for her. And men if you want a gift that will last forever, buy her a session ;)"


Meet the Crew {Lingerie Guide} – The Taylor

The star of the Katie Larrington Boudoir Photography studio is The Taylor. She has been requested more than any other piece that we have, so much so that we ended up buying her in 2 more colors after her popularity grew so much so quick! I first saw this piece at a consignment shop in Salem and it was love at first sight, you know that feeling you get when you know as soon as you pick up clothes in a store, before you even put it on, that it’s going to be your favorite piece? It was just like that. The color was this awesome blush color and the ruffles were so big and beautiful! So elegant and vintage and amazing. I was with my boyfriend who thought it was the worst looking thing on the planet and I was determined to prove him wrong. Immediately after buying it, I texted one of my best friends who shares my love of vintage lingerie and she jumped at the chance to help me show him how beautiful it was. A week later, we shot with The Taylor and it was a hit! We posted it on Facebook and all of a sudden, I was getting messages left and right.  Everyone wanted to know where they could find that lingerie and how they could shoot with it. People were loving it (and still are)! It is the first in our weekly Lingerie Guide series due to its rightful place as our most adored piece of lingerie.

All colors of The Taylor are size medium but have elastic waists to stretch to both small and large as well as off the shoulder ruffles to fit the largest selection of clients possible!