Nominate your favorite woman!

I'm tired of all the negativity in the news, on-line and in general and I'm determined to change at least my little corner of the world. In an effort to give back a little to the community during these crazy times, I am interested in setting up a few giveaway sessions for people that are deserving of something amazing. Below you can nominate your friends, relatives and even yourself to receive a complimentary session! Please fill out the fields below including at least one way to get in touch with the nominated party as well as their story and why they deserve the session. I'll be picking them throughout the year as time allows and amazing stories come in.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Cancer Survivor/To-Be-Survivor
Domestic Abuse Survivor
Rape Survivor
Single Mother working multiple jobs
Rainbow Baby Maternity Boudoir

All stories are important! Tell me yours.


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