Celebrate Nurses Day

Hey you, nurse, you're awesome

It's time for you to unveil your inner GODDESS!

It's time to take care of you!


Nurse Survival Kit

Lifesaver Candy: Because you are the real life saver
Tissues: For those times when you have to dry tears, including your own
Snickers Candy: To remind you that laughter really is the best medicine
Sucker: To help you lick every problem you face
Starburst Candy: For those times when you need a burst of energy
Marbles: To replace any you might lose
Jolly Rancher: To remind you to laugh at times when you feel like crying
Boudoir Session: To remind you that you're more than amazing


You booked the shoot! Now what?

-You'll fill out our pre-session questionnaire to help us understand your vision so that we can serve you best throughout the process.
-You'll receive a "Dream Shoot Planner" to help prepare you for the day of, what to bring, shopping tips, grooming tips, etc.
-It begins with a pampering session by professional stylists. This is a time to relax, get comfortable and to talk about your upcoming session.
-About 10 days post-shoot, you'll get to finally GUSH over your amazing images. From there you'll get to select fun novelty items, prints, and beautiful pieces of ART


Special for Nurses through Nurses Day on May 6th

Book a session, to happen before July 31st, now through May 6th and receive $100 off your session fee to thank you for all that you do. We know you work long hours and want to give you that special bit of pampering in the only way that we know how.

Book your session and let us take care of you for a few hours, you won't regret taking the time for yourself.

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