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Referrals & Thank You's: Your Post-Session Guide


It's Not Over Yet!

You came. You posed. You SLAYED!!

I'm so proud of you and seriously amazed at all of the incredible artwork that we've created together - you're such a BABE! Thank you for trusting me to show off that sexy bod you're rockin' and treat you to an amazing, empowering experience!

We absolutely love what we do here, and our goal is to continue to promote self love and empower as many beautiful women to treat themselves to this experience, and to create their own gorgeous artwork celebrating their beauty; YOU have the power to help us do that!

Attached to your 'thank you' email, you will find a $100 off coupon that you can post on social media, or offer to any babe that you know is interested in treating herself. You can post it on Instagram, Facebook, or share it with a beautiful babe who you know would rock her sesh! When your referral uses this card to book her empowerment session, she'll receive $100 off her session fee and $100 studio credit toward prints, albums, and artwork! And in turn, you'll receive the same: $100 off your next session or $100 print credit! There is no limit to how many babes you can refer - SCORE!

Your Feedback Matters

Just like you, our clients love to know what to look forward to when deciding to book their Boudoir Session with us here at Katie Larrington Boudoir Photography! Think about what you were feeling before and after your session and what you would say if you were going to recommend your best friend to book her session, as you complete your reviews and Post-Session Questionnaire!

Thank you again for visiting Katie Larrington Boudoir Photography!

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